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ZIp Zip 4
"I'm a lesbian....Got a prob?"
Leader of the Nymphs and Elves Hunter Clan
The bitch of Bitches
Important Information
Gender Female
Job Being awesome
Status Alive,single, lesbian
Eye Color grey
Fur Color short and black
Age 15
Affiliation My Hunters
Weapons My daggers Nymph Slayer and Elf Destroyer
Species Hunter
Home The Hunter HQ
Quests None

Basic InfoEdit

My name is Zippo.

I am 15.

I am a hunter.


I'm a bitch! I got the dirty mouth and the looks to prove it. I got the attitude and traits. But if you really wanna know I'm- possesive, protective, feisty, have a temper and hate the color pink!


I have short black hair and grey eyes. I am tall and slim. I wear leather jackets, tie-die black white shirts, black washed jeans and knee-high boots.


I grew up as a normal kid. Pretty family and pretty life. My mama and my dada said I was a great daughter and I said they were the best parents.

Life was fine til my mama died and my dada had care for me alone. He got drunk though and started to hit me. I prayed someone would help me.

I didn't show the bruises to anyone but I still thinked someone would find out like in the movies and save me like a prince in shining armor. Did ya get the word prince? Well, I went lesbian cause no prince saved me. I gave up and didn't cry when my used-to-be dada hit me. When I was 14, I ran away. I met up with some elves who were traveling and they decided I was a "hunter". I didn't know what that meant but whatever it meant, it was bad. They tried to kill me but I just escaped. I kept running away and crashed into a girl. She was alot shorter than me and had a wierd long sword in her hand. She said her name was Damieni and she asked what happened. I didn't trust her so I said "You wouldnt believe me if I said" She just smailed and took me to Hunter HQ. I was f*ckin confused and angry but I listened to what they said and decided to kill elves and their allies the nymphs for the rest of my life.