The hunters all kill these.Often,men are the only one who kill Empousa.

Vampire and Empousa Hunter ClanEdit

It is a place underground,and the hardest of all clans to get to.You must go through several triles,with sun all around to get in.Once you have passed the trials,you must go through the left door,and you are in. In the small cave, there are several beds, garlic, and a basket in the center of the room. If a body part of a vampire or empousa is thrown in, it will turn into a trophy, but only Amber can use it. There is a wall with weapons.

Clan LeaderEdit

Amber Brown

Clan Co-LeaderEdit

Mebers of the ClanEdit



  • Can not be turned into a vampire
  • Inhanced Strength and Logic
  • Can sense vampires and Empousa


  • Any cut from a vampire kills them,
  • they die like any human