Supoia with her weapon Avatree

Supoia's father was Ra Makama from the ancient Makama line. The Makama's had lead the village for as long as history was. They had always had powers with the mind. Mind controllers, Mind Benders or sucking a persons mind out. Ra Makama, her father, had the gift of Mind-Illusions. Supoia's mother was Ketrasoba Lylorana. Also called Ketra. Ketra was from a long line of people with the powers of thoughts. Some manipulating, feeling and taking away thoughts. Ketra could know when someone was thinking bad thoughts. Ra and Ketra married and a year later Supoia was born. She was small but already intelligent. When she tuned 5 they learnt she was a telepath, very powerful. She could hear thoughts and communicate in someones mind. With alot of will, she could also control the thouhts of the person. When Supoia turned 20, a fire was set to the village and everyone died except her and a few others which had been on the hunting trip too. Supoia then took over the leader role of the vilage.Supoia is now 24 and a great leader.