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4 for storme
"Dreamers are the dead......"
The Raven Turned Vampire
Spirit of Ravens
Important Information
Gender Female
Job Protector of all ravens
Status Alive,single
Eye Color Black that turns red
Fur Color Black though it used to be brown
Age 15 but really much older
Affiliation All ravens and Lord Death
Weapons Her powers
Species Vampire
Home The Clan of Vampires and Empousa
Quests None....

Basic InfoEdit

My name is Storm but call me Raven or you die.....

I am 14

I am Female

I am a Vampire


I don't f*ckin needing anger management classes. I drink your blood and you dont say a word, you b*itch! I am feisty and mean. But I am very possessive to those I love and am always a bad person to get on the bad side of.


I was born to Juliette and Kai Ca'Hill. They were around twenty in the Salem Witch Trial era. We had a fine life except that I was strange. I could do strange things. So when our town heard of the witches, the mayor started murdering girls who were supposed "witches". I had always been wierd so they thought I was a witch. When I turned 14, they tied me to the cross and started the fire. I can still feel the burning flames. Reaching up to my body. But then time seemed to freeze for a second. A handsome young man ran throught the crowd and yelled "raven! raven!" I heard that word and then, i turned into a raven. I flew out of the burning flames but I was lost, scraed and the form dissapeared. The young man had dissapeared and the towns people now were running after me, trying to catch the withc. But I wwasnt a witch. I was a shape shifter. I ran and ran with my feet blistering and red. But I didnt stop. Not until I came to the forest. There I saw the young handsome man who cried raven. I thought he would help but he just ran forward with red eyes. He bit me in my neck and I sctreamed. I was then turned into a vampire. He took me away and cared for me after I turned. He brang me here to the Devil who he had met in earlier days. Het hen left to help vampires who couldnt find the haven. So here I am a immortal 14 year old.


My Vampire powers:

  • All vampire are super fast and super strong
  • All vampires have super-strong senses
  • can sense where blood is and who's it is

My Shape-Shifter origin powers:

  • can turn into raven
  • can speak to ravens
  • can control ravens
  • can call ravens
  • can use vampire abilities while a raven

Gallery of MeEdit