About QuestEdit

Senna DOnt know where is her GodFather Jacob at, and she dont know he is alive or dead. she only know that he having not come back from revenge of her parent's death wheh he trying to fight the werewolf hunters off.


They might encounter the Werewolf hunters, another werecreature. also they will meet the nymph who healed her godfather and another nymph who take her to mountain.


they will go to the Ireland, where her godfather left to take a revenge of her parent's death, and other place.


The Objectives : 1. go and find two nymph.

2. find the werewolf hunters and kill them.

3. look for another werecreature

4. go to Senna's house and find out why her parents try to protect her and her uncle and why they died. They live in Northern Ireland. they will travel by a ship.

5. Find out what is Secret or truth about Senna and her heritage.

6. Have another quester cront Senna that she can do it>

7. Pray to Gods/Goddess for help.

8.look and find Jacob's body, if he is alive bring to to the mountain with you, if he is dead, bring his body with you and bury him.

Questor ModeEdit


Who is going : Senna Lang-Werewolf


creature 3-WItches

creature 4-Elf