My name is Pandora. I am 13 years old and I am a centaur....

My personality is shy and kind. I love to sing with the elves or nymphs most of the time. I love peace and the wild. I am kinda small for a centaur so I feel scared when faced with an enemy though lately I have been getting braver.

I never used to be a centaur. I was an elf. I lived in the elf clan until I died. Died? Wouln'd I be dead, you ask. Well Lady Life loved me as one of her faviorate elves and granted me a second life after being killed by hunters while walking through the forest. She was going to make me a elf but Lord Death didnt like that someone was cheating death and wished me to remain dead. She convinced him to make me a centaur as it was under the control of neither life or death so I wasnt really a full creature of hers anymore.. I was just like any centaur except I had elf ears and a bell-like voice that was described as very beautiful. I learnt to live as a centaur from luke, leader of the centaur clan.