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Karen Jackson
"Hey, I'm some hot stuff"
Chilli Pepper
Hot stuff
Important Information
Gender Female
Job Being evil and hot and terrorizing people
Status Alive,single
Eye Color blue
Fur Color white and blue
Age Immortal
Affiliation Clan of Demons
Weapons A small boomerang and a dagger
Species Demon
Home Hell and the Haven
Quests None


Cheeky and playful, she loves to prank people.


Karen is a demon, she likes to terrorize people but not in a severe way. Mostly she just pulls pranks or make people's life difficult. When she saw the hunters coming she quickly ran as fast as she could. She was very talented at running so she had a head start. But soon the hunters were catching up. She prayed to the Devil for help. Then *BOOM* a hell hound guested out from the ground. She got on, and they raced to the mountain together. Okay rewind. Karens life wasn't that short. Before all that Karen was considered "High Class Demon" she was rich, strong, loved by her friends. Oh wait and BEAUTIFUL. Karen treated her friends hella nice, and her enemies well, hella bad. Some of her enemies tried to take revenge by ordering some rogue demons to kill her. Unfortunately for them, they failed. Karen rushed home to tell her mum and dad about it. Her mum and dad told her that it wasn't safe for her to be in here, so they sent her up to Earth with a friend so she can get to the haven and live safely. That friend is Sam. Sam was Karen's best friend when she was young, so the two of the, set off to find the mountain.


  • Demons can control the demon-fire
  • Demons can fire-walk (teleport when in fire)
  • Demons are resistant to fire


  • A Boomerang

    This is her Boomerang, she names it Flame Thrower

Goals for the FutureEdit

  • She wants to take over the Devil
  • get a boyfriend
  • prank people