Gaea bc 2


Basic Info== Name is Experiment1836 but new name is Jex.

Is 14 years old.

Is bi.

Is a Nature Nymph.




Jex was captured by a bunch of cruel hunters in the year 1534...... They were rougher then and didnt care about anything. They captured her when she was 7 and took her back to the HQ. They didn't know much about how to kill the creatures then so they experimented on Jex. She was cut, hit, shot at with every kinds of weapons. This went on til she was 13 when something happened. The Hunter HQ was broke into by some creatures andt hey placed a bomb made from magic in there. The bomb blew up the whole building but Jex somehow escaped. All the cruel hunters died and Jex ran for it. She kept running until she met Lady Life. Lady Life saw how hurt and scared she was and sent her to an eternal sleep until this year. When Jex awoke, all the hunters had died and new, not as cruel, ones had came. The Haven was now more safe and there was more protection. She was happy.