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Jane May
Princess of Darkness
Important Information
Gender Female
Job Co-Leader
Status Alive(single)
Eye Color Gold
Fur Color Black
Age 150
Affiliation Clan
Weapons Teeth
Species Vampire
Home Clan
Quests None yet

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Jane -Vampire
-Co-Leader of The Vampire clan

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And what do you want?


She was born in 1850, London England. She was born to a very wealthy family, she got everything she wanted. But she was very unhappy with her life, women was treated badly and her father saw as nothing but a burden. By the time she was 16 her parents were planning her marriage, she was to wed a Lord who was very inconsiderate and selfish.She ran away from her family Manor, in the dead of night which wasn't a wise thing to do. She was attacked from behind by a very pale and beatuiful man she knew straight away what he was.However he didn't attack but helped her up, his name was James. She became very good friends with him as time went on and she soon realised she was in love with him. It was the night before her wedding and she met him. She told him she was love with him and wanted to become a Vampire, he felt the same and changed her that very moment. Sadly her father killed James, which led to Jane killing him and her Fiancees family.


She is cold to most humans due to her past but once you get to know her she is kind and a good friend. She is also very brave and will always get her revenge, she is not a good enemy to have.


She has black hair, golden eyes and is very pale. She was considered beatuiful even before she became a Vampire.


Blood, revenge, Vampires.


Most humans,Vampire hunters, Garlic, Sunlight.


A blue Pendant given to her by James.


  • Supernatural hearing and senses
  • Super strength and speed


  • Fire
  • Sunlight
  • Garlic
  • Stakes


Person Relation Feelings
Joseph May Father Hates him, killed him.
Anne May Mother Misses her.
James Lover Loved him very much, misses him.
Unknown Lord Fiancee Never liked him, killed him.