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Quests are a different kind of role-play. They are a longer and more designed one. There is objectives and problems. There is always a goal. This is what a quest looks like:

Jill: Walks towards James.. Hi James!

James: Hugs Jill.. Hi Jill! How are you?

And so on......Now for a quest you must have a objective or problem to solve. You have to have at LEAST 3 different users. You will have a Quest Mod who talks to you all privatley in chat and gives you an inderpendant goal while still completing the quest goal.

Available Quest Mods

Quests Right Now

Quest for the Lost Soul-objectives from mod

Quest Claims

Put your quest claims here. The claim must include what creatures/hunters they will encounter, where they willl go, what is the objective and who is going.....


You MUST copy and pastet his to the top of your quest claim.

{{Forumheader|Quest Claiming} except with TWO } at the end.

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