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Please read Getting Started before making a claim. Good, now you want to make a claim. First you have to know what to include. you can find this on Getting Started. Then pick what creature you want from What Creatures?. Now go and write your character name in the area below at the bottom of the page in the box. Do it well and your claim should be done in about 24 hours.


Creature characters are characters which live in the Haven and are paranormal creatures. A full list of them is viewed here: What Creatures?. All creature chars live in a clan of their creature and they are viewd here: Creature Clans. To make a creature claim you must include:

  • Age, name, and the clan you want: you pick the clan and we pick what creature from that clan.
  • Personality: What they act like aka nice, mean and so on
  • History: History must include a bit about how they grew up and then how and why they came to the Haven.
  • Remember to sign your claim with four ~.


Hunter characters are characters which live in different bases around the village. Each creature clan has a hunter clan. Hunters hunt the craetures becuase of revenge or another goal. To see some example hunters look at: Zippo or Damieni. All hunter claims must include:

  • Age, name, and what clan of hunter: Each creature clan has a hunter clan.
  • Personality: What they act like aka nice, mean, rude ect.
  • History: This must include why they hunt the certain creatures and how they became hunters.
  • Remember to sign your claim with four ~.


If you have no idea what you want your character to be and do, why not adopt one. Adopting a character means another member cannot look after all their characters and has to give one up. You don't have to have all adopted characters but at entry level it may be easier. Here are all the characters up for adoption:

Priest of the Temple User:No user,contact an admin or beurocrat to adopt

Thorn and Rose La'Frendo, Contact User:KittyInASheepsClothes to adopt. They are twins and can be shared.

Touchstone Purr, contact User:Slagars band to adopt.

All of User:KittyInASheepsClothes Characters.

Full or Not?

Clans that NEED members:


Please sign all claims with 4 ~ or they may not be seen and approved. Thanks!

                                       VVVVVVVVVVV Put Claim Here VVVVVVVVVVV

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