name:Ewan McCullough

gender: male

age: 18

race: human

class: vampire/empousa hunter

personality: kind, yet very dangerous if you get in his way. always ready to fight.

appearance: brown hair, hazel eyes, some muscle, magic gauntlet on left hand.

possessions: gauntlet, my sword reaver, my clothes.

history: my name is Ewan McCullough. i was raised in Glascow, Scotland , by my father Thomas McCollough and my mother Maria, with my little brother , ian. We lived happily and got visits from my grandmother. on my eighteenth birthday she gave me the gauntlet and said it would protect me from creatures of the dark. After the party when she was about to leave our house was attacked. the roof caved in and i was hidden by the rubble. in a little opening i saw the glint of gold fangs. when i dug my self out my family was killed. my grandmother had her throat ripped out, my brother, mother, and father were drained and devoured. i was wracked with grief. after they were buried i did all i could to learn what i could. i found out it was a vampire that attacked us. my rage was never quelled. i learned to fight and did what i needed to to survive. i fought many strange creatures on my journey i fought a gainst a demon and it breathed hell fire on me. i raised my gauntlet and it produced a disc of light. i found my katana reaver in a cave guarded ny a golem. it is made from a dragons soul. later on my journey i fell in love with a forest nymph named araela.but, she died in a forest fire that ocurred because of a non-put out fire caught the trees around it ablaze. i was sad but sadness took second chair to revenge. i traveled to a well known vampire hunter and he taught me the final things i needed.i enjoyed my time with him. one night though, it came to an end. the same vampire who killed my family devoured him. he looked me in the eyes and said " grow strong,little boy. your blood will taste better then." he laughed as he left me pinned under a fallen beam. i wriggled over to my master. he handed me a map to haven and told me to join the vampire hunter clan. i traveled there and joined them.