Clan of Wizards and WitchesEdit

Come in if ya need anything....... The cavern is easy to get to and has medicine and everything needed in it. the cavern itself has lots of shelves filled with books and potion ingredients. There are scrolls full of spells and the beds are floating near the ceiling. Their are enchanted scrolls who read themselves aloud and there are never-ending pockets in moving coats. You would get lost but luckily there is a maps that tells you everything you need to know.

Clan LeaderEdit

Eliza Darling

Clan Co-LeaderEdit

Kerrigor De Rogirrek

Members of ClanEdit




  • can make any potion
  • can make any medicine
  • can make any poison
  • can do any spell that does good
  • can do any spell that does bad (ONLY LEADER)
  • Necromancers can summon dead of all types, including Ghouls, Ghosts, Spirits & Zombies
  • Necromancers can see the past
  • Necromancers at night turn dead them selfs


  • can get killed by touching any holy item
  • can not walk on holy ground
  • if staffs are broken then they need to get a new one withing 5 days or their power dies.