Charice== Charice is an 18 year old vampire.


It was the year of 711, 18 year old Charice was just an ordinary girl when suddenly the Muslims came. Her life was destroyed because of them.Spain was in chaos that time no one was safe and you can't trust anyone. Charice was a lovable and charing teenager she trust everyone which was a big mistake. A guy name Kilsu appeared infront of her out of nowhere. She didn't even suspect who the guy was until the guy bit her. Kilsu basically kidnap Charice from her family and friends then gave her a potion in order for her to fall asleep for a long time. Why you ask? Because that guy is a weirdo. He was so in love with Charice's beautiful face that he wants to preserve it.

One day a human guy found her, Kilsu was dead by then. The human guy kissed her and the potion was reverse, just like what happened in the Sleeping Beuaty the only difference was Charice bit the guy until he has no blood left.