Wine Nymph 1


Wine Nymph 2

Wannaaa Partyyyyyyyy!

Heya people!

My name is Chanceee! Nice ta meet ya dudes.. Anywayyy, I am 17 and a partyyyy nymph! Get out yo wine and put on that music. As I am gonna be your DJ today ya gotta know few things about me so heres my history homedawgs!

I was born to Jazz and Poker, two partyyy nymphs! WOO! They were crazy, wild and got drunk more than a sloth sleeps! Anywayyy, my mama and dada raised me in a night-club.Yep, ya heard me, a night-club. I learnt how to dance, gamble and get drunk by the age of 4. I was called Chance because ya had one chance to beat me in a gamble and ya always lost. So my mama and my papa raised me crazzzyy! And one day, hunters came and killed the whole club. That night, only creatures had been in the clubbb! All those witty crazy creatures died... Only me survived and a crazzzyy centaur called Luke. He took me to his home the Haveeen! I became the master of party there...Wooohoooo!


  • can make anything go drunk
  • can control how strong wine/beer is
  • can make people go into "party mode"
  • can control others when they drink her drinks
  • can control others when they listen to her music
  • can make anyone go party/crazy