Angeline Hadara
1AAAPrayer for the Fallen by Anne Stokes
Praise the light!
Luck Bringer
Important Information
Gender Female
Job Helping others
Status Alive, single
Eye Color brown
Fur Color brown
Age 16 years
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Weapons none
Species Angel
Home Clan of Pixies, Faries and Angels
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Angeline Hadara was born on November the 1st , 1995 her parents died when she was born her mum died giving birth to her and her dad died of a heart attack. Angeline was sent to heaven but she does not remember it. Lady Life took pity on Angeline as she did not deserve to die and sent her to the human world. She had been sent to a small village as a 16 year old, with her only memories as how to help and bring luck and health, unluckily a gang of hunters had been visiting and attacked. Angeline managed to get away and caught up with a few elves and nymphs. She told them what happened and they told her to come with them to somewhere safe. Later she was at the haven and safe and sound in her new clan.


Angeline is quite and always does as she’s told. An adult would describe her as well behaved and charming. Angeline loves helping people as that is all she knows.


Angeline has long brown hair brown eyes and large white angel wings. She likes wearing long flowing black dresses and a necklace. She is tall and slightly built.