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Spider Lover
Important Information
Gender Female
Job None
Status Alive,single
Eye Color No iris, just the black pupil
Fur Color Blonde most of the times
Age Want to guess, dearie?
Affiliation Her clan
Weapons Spider Venom
Species Demon
Home ~
Quests ~


For ages I've terrorrized the mortals and brought chaos to their lives. The place I spent the most time was Japan, there they started calling me the Joro-Gumo spawn and saying I was a temptress and that men should wary me. I admit, I liked seducting them, and killing them right after just for fun but they exagerated a bit. During the Middle Ages I adventured myself throughout Europe, helping chaos to be spread. Even though I'm a demon, I rather fight without fire, it can get messy if it gets near my dear pets web, so some humans lighted candles and let it by their window to make sure I didn't enter to cause them bad.


I have a weird and sadistic way to have fun, mostly causing mortals pain in anyway I think of. I liked to seduct men, just for the heck of it, and kill them right after. This ended up with me being called a seductress and the daughter of the famous Joro-Gumo the spider demon that liked to tempt men and eat them alive like the Black Widow. I know how to behave but I rather not do it. What's the fun in it anyway? After living through many dark ages I discovered many different ways to make someone suffer, so if you get me mad I can use any of them on you


I don't have iris in my eyes, only the pupil, which gives me a look to have them permanently dilated. My hair sometimes changes colors but I make it stay gold blonde and in a wavy style most of the time. I have plump lips I always colour red together with my purple painted nails.


I don't fear anything in particular, but I'd hate to see my spiders die


Spiders, having fun, chaos


Mortals, water, not having anything to do



"So you'd like to meet hell, m'darling? Don't worry, I'll send you there for free"

"What should be fun to do right now?" Wondering to herself when bored

"Isn't he cute?" About Arachne, her pet spider

"Love? Oh, please like I know a thing about that. Don't you think most people mistake that for lust, like you?" To a man she seducted and said he loved her