This character belongs to Jasmine Campbell

Amber Brown
I love Vampires,but Empousa should die for what they have done.
Vampire and Empousa Clan Leader
Vampire Lover
Important Information
Gender Female
Job Hunter
Status Alive and single
Eye Color Changes
Fur Color Black,sometimes Brown
Age 19
Affiliation Vampires

Her Clan(but only cos she hates Empousa)

Weapons Swords
Species Mortal,Hunter
Home Her Clan
Quests None

Amber is Clan leader of Vampire and Empousa Hunter Clan.Oddly,vampires seem to know she likes them.


Amber was born to Jessica and Marcus Brown,Vampire Hunters.She fell in Love with a vampire,and they had a secret love affair.They were never discovered,but one day,after her mothers murder,her father was dying.He told her she was the new leader of the Vampire Hunting Clan.She was devesdated,and refused to truly kill Vampires.She is still head,but secretly helps Vampires.However,she will kill Empousa.


Amber is a kind and gentle person,who hates war and vampire haters.She spends time admiring Vamps,and thinking about killing Empousa.


Amber has Black Hair,that sometimes looks different.She has pale skin,and looks like a normal Mortal.


Amber loves Vampires,killing Empousa and messing with her hair.


She hates Empousa,Vampire killers and garlic