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"Music is Peace and Peace is what I want......"
Co-Leader of the Clan of Merpeople and Shape-Shifters
Important Information
Gender Female ♀
Job Leader of Clan of Merpeople and Shape-Shifters
Status Alive,single
Eye Color Purple
Fur Color Purple Hair
Age 16
Affiliation Her Clan

The Haven

Weapons Her powers
Species Shape-shifter
Home The Clan of Merpeople and Shape-Shifters
Quests None
Allagí is co-leader of the Mermen and Shape-shifter Clan. She is a normal person.


Allagí has a pretty normal history till her 14th birthday. She had an argument with her mother and wanted to just get away. She consentrated on flying, being free. To her suprise she did, she had sprouted wings and was now in the form of an angel. She was so shocked she forgave her mother, she told her what happened and a guilt passed over her face. "I should of told you, you my only daughter." Allagí's mother sobbed. "You are a shape-shifter. Just like my mother, it must skip every other generation" She continued. "Journey to this place and you'll be fine. I'll come with you as far as the entrance." Over the next year they traveled to the clan's cavern. And here they are


Kind, immature, smart and witty. She can be brave when it comes down to it but is usually just does her own thing


Eliza has purple hair. She has purple eyes, and often wears a pink shirt and jeans.She has short hair around shoulder length.