Member of the Zombies and Demons Clan
Twin of Solo
Important Information
Gender Female
Job Member of the Clan of Zombies and Demons
Status Alive - Single
Eye Color Purple
Fur Color Blonde
Age 15
Affiliation Clan of Zombies and Demons

Clan of the Weres

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Species Demon
Home Clan of Zombies and Demons
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She and her twin, Solo, where born on Halloween, 31st October. Her mother died in childbirth, and Solo and herself grew up in a children's home. Ace was always being picked on, whilst Solo was popular at school. Though, they stuck together through every thing. They were teeased about their names, although they had a deep personal meaning. They were so named because their mother knew she was going to die, and the twins would be alone. Ace is a single number, one in a pack of cards, and a solo is a song sang alone.Then they started discorving their powers, and then were brought to the clans.


Ace is shy, and kind. Her favourite thing to do is play the flute. She is constantly in Solo's shadow.


She is small for her age, and has blonde hair and purple eyes.